Income/Sale Tax

   Income/Sale Tax


Income tax is levied generally on the net income of a taxpayer earned during a tax year computed by applying the specified tax rates as applicable to the respective taxpayer. For the charge of tax and the computation of total income, all income is classified under the following heads:

Filing Requirements

Income Tax ReturnsAnnually
Withholding Tax StatementsMonthly/Biannually
Advance TaxQuarterly


Sales tax is levied at various stages of economic activity @17 percent on: There is an in-built system of input tax adjustment and a registered person can adjust tax paid at earlier stages against the tax payable by him on his supplies. Thus, the tax paid at any stage does not exceed 17% of the total sales price of the supplies.


Services taxes are charged on the province-level provision of services. The rate of tax is different from one province to another and from one nature of service to other nature of service.